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55L 2°C to 8°C Compact Medical Grade Pharmacy Refrigerator

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Overview 2℃~8℃ (35.6°F~46.4°F) pharmacy refrigerator PR55L gives you a brand new appearance and is designed in smart under counter size. This small under-counter medical refrigerator is equipped with an intelligent temperature controller and brings out constant temperature. It has a...

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Product Details


2℃~8℃ (35.6°F~46.4°F) pharmacy refrigerator PR55L gives you a brand new appearance and is designed in smart under counter size. This small under-counter medical refrigerator is equipped with an intelligent temperature controller and brings out constant temperature. It has a transparent double-layer tempered glass door with the features of anti-condensation and electrical heating. There are multiple alarm functions to ensure the safety of storage. The complete air-cooling design of the vaccine refrigerator ensures no worry about frosting. You can apply the pharmaceutical refrigerator in laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, disease prevention and control centers, health centers, pharmaceutical factories, medical facilities, blood banks, and more.

Accurate Control System
This 2℃~8℃ mini fridge for medicine comes with a high precision temperature control system with highly sensitive sensors. And it can well keep the temperature inside the cabinet in the range of 2℃~8℃. We design the pharmaceutical refrigerator with high brightness digital temperature and humidity display for automatic temperature control and ensure the display accurately in 0.1℃.

Powerful Refrigeration System
The medical / lab refrigerator is equipped with a brand new compressor and condenser, which is for better cooling performance and well keeps the temperature uniformity within 1℃. It is an air cooling type with the feature of auto-defrost. And the HCFC-FREE refrigerant brings out more effective refrigeration and ensures environmentally friendly.

Humanized Operation Design
It has a front opening lockable door with full height handle. The inside of the medical refrigerator is designed with a lighting system for an easy look. The light will turn on while the door is opened, and the light will go off while the door is closed. The cabinet is made of high-quality steel, and the inner side material is HIPS, which is durable and easy to clean.




Perfect audible and visual alarms including high and low-temperature alarm, power failure alarm, sensor failure alarm, and door ajar alarm
With 2~3 high-quality steel wire shelves, the shelves are adjustable to any height for satisfying different requirements
Standard with built-in USB datalogger, remote alarm contact, and RS485 interface for the monitor system
1 cooling fan inside, working while the door is closed, stopped while the door is opened
The CFC-free polyurethane foam insulating layer is environmentally friendly
The electrical heating glass door filled with insert gas performs well in thermal insulation
The medical refrigerator is equipped with 2 sensors. When the primary sensor fails, the secondary sensor will be activated immediately
The door is equipped with a lock preventing from unauthorized opening and operation 

Scope of Application

Suitable for storage of biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, and more; Suitable for use in pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, centers for disease prevention & control, clinics, etc.


Technical Parameters

  • Product Name: Pharmacy refrigerator
  • Effective Capacity: 1.94 CF (55L)
  • External Size: 21.28"W*22.06D*24.90"H (540W*560D*632H mm)
  • Internal Size: 17.49"W*17.34"D*15.92"H (444W*440D*404H mm)
  • Power Consumption (kWh/24h): 1.54
  • Input Power(W): 121
  • Voltage: 110V, 60Hz
  • N.W: 77 Lbs (35 kgs)


  • Temperature Range: 2℃~ 8℃; Accuracy: 0.1℃; Uniformity: +/-1C within cabinet.
  • Ambient Temperature: 61-90°F (16 - 32°C)
  • Compressor Brand: Secop
  • Alarm: Visual & Audio
  • High and low-temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm,  door open alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, high ambient temperature alarm, built-in data logger USB failure alarm
  •  Temperature Recorder: Standard with a build-in USB data logger for temperature data recording
  • Temperature Recorder (Optional): Micro-printer, to print the temperature  data every 20 minutes (Factory set as 20 minutes, printing time  could be adjusted from 1~100 minutes)
  • Special note: The WIFI function is just for a future update, it is unavailable now.


  • Refrigerant: HCFC-FREE, R600a
  • Shelves (Adjustable): 2
  • Inner Material: Aluminum plate with spraying
  • External Material: PCM
  • Door Lock: Yes
  • Climatic: N



USER MANUAL: PR55L Compact Medical Grade Pharmacy Refrigerator 

USER MANUAL: MLR395L 395L Upright Medical Refrigerator‎ for Pharmacy and Laboratory 

USER MANUAL: MLR395L 395L Upright Medical Refrigerator‎ for Pharmacy and Laboratory 


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55L 2°C to 8°C Compact Medical Grade Pharmacy Refrigerator
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  • Solid Door / 5-Year Warranty (+$149) - $1,297.00
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55L 2°C to 8°C Compact Medical Grade Pharmacy Refrigerator

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